About us

At Stalbans Loans, we firmly believe that our core duty is to assist our esteemed UK customers get affordable doorstep loans in the fastest time possible. We strongly believe that education and awareness is of essence in helping our clients make an informed decision. From the very first time we opened our doors for business, we can proudly say that we’ve been able to assist thousands avail affordable doorstep loans for benefits at competitive interest rates.

We endeavour to go beyond the call of duty and treat our customers with utmost respect and professionalism. Our customers come first and our website is a hub of information on everything doorstep loans. We shed light on what a doorstep loan is, the benefits of taking a doorstep loan, why a person should apply for doorstep loans, features of doorstep loans just to mention but a few. We are reputable, credible, reliable and top provider of doorstep loans in the UK.